Update SEPTEMBER 16, 2010:

HEY DUMBASS: Read the date this article was published. APRIL FOOLS!! — love, management.

In a completely unexpected move announced minutes ago, Halo studio Bungie, revealed it will bring Halo: Reach to Sony’s PlayStation 3 a week earlier and $10 cheaper than that of its Xbox 360 brother.

“We’ve wished to harness the massive power of the PlayStation 3 for one of our games for ages now and truly felt Reach, with its epic scope, was a perfect match for the system,” Brian Jarrard, creative director on the Halo: Reach project told Blast Magazine this morning.

What’s more, the studio said it plans to offer the game for PS3 enthusiasts at a cheaper price point of $49.99 on September 7, a week before it comes to Xbox 360.

“We wanted to make up for lost time with the PS3 crowd and saw this as an opportunity to dazzle the fans both creatively and where they truly care; in their wallets,” Marcus Lehto, marketing manager of Halo: Reach said.

Reach coming to the PS3 will mark the first time in over a decade the studio has developed for anyone except Microsoft but Bungie promises that its team of engineers and designers know how to program for the PS3 backwards and forwards.

“We set up two teams after Halo 3 launched in September of 2007; one for Xbox 360 and one for Playstation 3 and since then have had only great things to say about the PS3,” Tom Patrick, a programmer for the project said.

Backlash over the announcement is already permeating the Internet, as forum postings on sites like Halo-fanboys.com and TeamMasterChief.net all have scathing things to say about Bungie migrating the franchise to the longtime competitor.

Where do you stand in the battle for the universe? Happy to see the game reach its full potential on another console?

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    fuckin gimps i hate bungie now ๐Ÿ™ :@

    PS3’s are fuckin shite why get it cheaper and a week earlier !!

    • nice prank bungie

      its a joke bro who gives a fuck u will play it either way

  2. sad person

    ps3 people wont even buy halo they all hate it becoz xbox gets it

  3. kp

    This is alot of bull its just a joke because microsoft has the rights to halo now

  4. kp

    Seriously this is fake lol nw lets watch the ps3 fanboys get all excited over nothing. Halo was what made xbox

  5. wasim

    what the F…. ??? not possible….tell me this is not true….PS3 sucks…

  6. Jeremy

    I have a PS3 and I hope this is a April Fool’s joke! Halo would ruin PS3’s name for me and a lot of people.

    • Jeremy is gay

      if u think halo would ruin the PS3’s shitty name why the fuck are u looking about things about halo reach ya spazzy

    • Thatguy

      Yeah it would ruin the PS3’s name, as the awesomeness of halo cannot play on that excuse for a gaming console so the PS3 would simply explode, causing the PS3 to be associated with exploding, which is worse than the no longer existing RRoD being associated with the X-Box 360…thank you for your time.

      • SoTrue

        Hahaha. So True That guy. Bungie has a nice sense of humor. “harness the massive power of the PlayStation 3”? Hahahahahaha good one Bungie. I love those guys.

  7. Steve

    LOL the amount of fanboys that are gona come on and rage at bungie or gloat about the loss of an exclusive….take a deep breathe and look at the date…

  8. waleed

    although i want it to come to the ps3 …. but it’s April’s fool day !!

    all the halo games are made by microsoft and Bungie

  9. nice prank bungie

    nice prank bungie i never saw it coming btw u could see its a joke cuz its tagged with april fools XD

  10. WazzuMan

    Seriously, WTF. Not for this news (that could be a joke) but all you fanboys all hating the PS3. It’s a great console and we keep getting more decent and exclusive titles. I’m not one to go around saying anything is shitty (except in politics) but I do hate the attitudes. This is why gamers have a bad rep, among over things.

    • WazzuManisbiaised

      LMAO YOUR CALLING US FANYBOYS, LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST SAY, You never even gave an argument, get our facts straightened out plz

  11. JeBus

    Ok, 1: MS does NOT “own” rights to “HALO”, you MORON. Bungie can do HALO games for other systems now because they are not attached to MS. BUT if they did do that, they couldn’t use MC, because MS owns “him.” Bungie is an independent company now(with multiple lawsuits on their hands) and MS left them like this. it sucks. So stop complaining that Halo is or isnt coming to PS3 and go get laid or something ppl..

    • Jebus is wrong

      Well, when Bungie SEPERATED from MS they LOST the rights to HALO. Do some RESEARCH before making a dumb statement with no proof. Look it up..

    • JeBus is Uninformed

      You’re the idiot son. When Bungie left Microsoft, They BOUGHT THE HALO IP FROM BUNGIE. Bungie NO LONGER OWNS Halo, they are simply contracted to make it because they are the original creators. That’s the reason MS now has a First Party Halo Studio, 343 Industries. They’ll be handling ALL THINGS HALO once Bungie is finished with Reach.

      Get your facts straight.

  12. Thatguy

    Hmmm…so this was the April Fools joke Bungie pulled this year…well then, I wonder if this mean the picture posted on Bungie’s twitter and the news of something big dropping this week is true…unless this IS the big thing dropping this week…but still…what about the picture?

    • John is Right

      Truth. Halo is one of Xbox’s biggest X-clusive, losing that would spell the end or at least a huge decline in the Xbox 360

      • Wow

        You Ps3 people are soo stupid, HALO ISNT OUR ONLY GAME, WE have gears of war forza, so get yur fracts straightened beofre you speak bullshit.

  13. KC

    I think most people have moved on from Halo. It was a great game that has run it’s course and hopefully we won’t see any more versions of it on either console.

  14. gandy sas

    ps3 represents an console dead and buried, its gran turismo pad makes
    FPS games suffor terrible. sony should build stuff for nintendo, it could then
    incorporate n64 or cube pad which would then give them power to compete in
    todays market. unless its an keyboard and mouse of course, sony are blind.
    ร‚ยฃ250 for gran turismo 5 ? its there own fault

  15. Cipher

    Taken directly from the source code of this site:

    NOTICE THE APRIL FOOLS TAG IN THE KEYWORDS!!! They were dumb enough to include it in the meta tags.

    Calm down folks, and Happy April Fools!

  16. Cipher

    Damn tag didn’t stay… Attempt two…

    meta name=”keywords” content=”gaming news, april fools, gaming, halo, news, reach, video games”

  17. kp

    RE:JEBUS ok sorry i misunderstood. This joke has weirdly hurt some people and has just started a console war which is the most nerdy thing ever why dont people just buy both. PS3-free online,internet.built in wi-fi, good exclusives,blue-ray. XBOX 360 cross game chat,sky player,stream full hd movies,project natel and good exclusives. Dont say they are shit and act hard because just think of what people played 10 years ago

  18. super69

    suck in xbox ur best exclusive game coming to the ps3 is just show u that ps3 are the best

    • Wow

      Halo isnt our onyl game, arguly not even our best, and your an idiot. Care to give an argument or your jsut a little 6 year old fanboy?

    • Wow

      You make no snese, if it’s free you wouldnt buy it and you probably own a ps3 and NEVER played halo before.

  19. kp

    Yeah told you they would fall for it lol still dont see why they hate halo though they havnt FUCKING played it

    • TisOver

      Why did you emphasize “fucking”? Are you that retarded that you don’t know which word to correctly emphasize?

  20. this is fake

    April fools

    This is fake Bungie would never leave the xbox 360/ halo fans!

    And the BETA was for the xbox 360 and so does the end game!

  21. DCapitol503

    Mak fuk dat shit all ya motherfuker do iz hate fuk 360 ps3 iz da shit motherfuker am not falln 4 diz fool shit motherfuker

  22. DCapitol503

    Im gay.

    I live in a box, I just found a computer on the street and posted this.

    Did I say that I was gay already?

  23. DCapitol503 PSN

    WTF I didn’t say dat gay shit motherfuker fuk 360 bitchez

  24. DCapitol503

    I want to be cool that’s why I made 4 posts now ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am so poor I can’t afford a luxe box :'(

    Can I suck somebuddy’s penis for 5รขโ€šยฌ

  25. DCapitol503

    Oh by the way my 3rd post in my name the last letters are PSN, that means

    Penis Sucker Noob

  26. Brito69

    My nipples, they scream with delight. I hope they port it to the ZX81 next!

  27. Whatywhat

    Well, you could have tried to make it a little more convincing by giving Brian Jarrard and Marcus Lehto their actual job titles!

  28. DiscipleN2k

    Damn you, Bungie! When are you going to start making Halo games for my N-Gage?

  29. kp

    ha that dcapital503 thinks he is hard cus he can swear you can tell he was brought up on the streets lol

    • Angels3785

      Say all you want bout ps3, but if u have both consoles and look into gaming you would know that lately the ps3 is very good and been winning like every graphics award, like uncharted 2, god of war 3, and killzone 2 all being amazing. In my personal opinion 360 owns, but nowadays that is not the case. Now im not going for 1 console or another, but Im tired of all these biased people on these threads, if you must post a comment do some real research

    • Ray

      Funny how none of you tools say why. It sucks to you cause your mommy wont buy your one. What are you? 14?

      • Ray

        My name is ray and i’m gay also angels stfu. you do the research, cuz your wrong.

  30. MasterChief

    Fuck you 360 haters. Your just mad the ps3 is only useful as a grill.
    Deep down they all know they would die to have Halo on ps3. Well you cant have it.

    I am The Master Chief and I approve of this message.

    • Angels3785

      Say all you want bout ps3, but if u have both consoles and look into gaming you would know that lately the ps3 is very good and been winning like every graphics award, like uncharted 2, god of war 3, and killzone 2 all being amazing. In my personal opinion 360 owns, but nowadays that is not the case. Now im not going for 1 console or another, but Im tired of all these biased people on these threads, if you must post a comment do some real research. And Im no 360 hater, (im a Pc hater). like 2 years ago I would have agreed with you, but now no. There r freakin ps3 shortages thats never happened b4! but in the end, even though ps3 is catching up sony will ultimatly fail, even with some of the greatest games of all time.

      • Angels3785

        I don’t know if this is true, but u r probably saying what you r saying cause you don’t have both systems and haven’t played the good games on ps3 that have been beating the crap out of us 360 users for Game of the year! i only have my ps3 for exclusives, and we all have to admit no game on 360 looks as goog as the ps3 does

    • baker

      why the fuck would we want halo the only halo game that was half good was the first one but since then games have way out grown what the halo franchise could ever achieve. I play bad company 2 on my ps3 but would not care if on xbox as these game far out weigh halo

    • nice prank bungie

      how old are u 10? who cares if its on the ps3 its not like there going 2 buy it and the ps3 in my OPINION is better, better games better graphics better multimedia experience but 360 JUST HAS ONLINE

      • um

        How old are you you fucking fanboy, your fucking biased, you probably never even tocuehd a 360 before.

  31. Kyle

    this wud only happen if sony/microsoft wud merge together. since they’re the best systems out rite now, why not? anyways, halo mite look better on the ps3. imagine halo’s 1-2 in ps3 graphics? that’s wat wud happen, n yes this is a fake

  32. Ray

    Lame. Have fun playing yet more Halo Xbots. PS3 owners have way more to look forward to in the coming months.

  33. notyourbusiness

    man your guys grammar and spelling is worse then mine!

    this would make Microsoft pissed off they better sue and take the rights to that game NOW!

    • Brian

      You XBox 360 nerds are just getting what you fags deserve. All you have ever done is throw the “Well you know what? WE HAVE HALO BIZZNITCCHH” card on us ps3 players. Now you are throwing a tantrum because you are shocked that Bungie has come to their senses. Suck it up and stop living in denial. Especially you HaloFan.

      • Michael

        Aye Guess what?
        One of your beloved games is coming to the 360 metal gear solid rising

      • not important

        You hear that? That’s the sound of no body caring.

      • NINJA

        lol, did you guys know that metal gear solid was actually traded for halo by Sony and Microsoft

      • Paul

        im a little late to this but… This whole thing is fake. Sorry buddy but you FAIL.

      • caleb

        i cant believe you guys believed this, one its on april first, and two the Halo franchise is owned by Mircosoft, the maker of the 360.. so WE HAVE HALO STILL SUCCKAAS. and you dont.

      • non

        hahahahaha guess what its the last halo game so who cares

      • Alex

        Last Halo game made by BUNGIE.
        Halo is still living on by 343.

      • Alex

        Do you NOT understand that this post was made April 1st?
        Reach isn’t coming to PS3, you tard.
        Not to mention, the Halo franchise is OWNED by Bungie, so no, NINJA, you retard, metal gear has NOT been traded for Halo. Halo has mad a lot more money than the MG series.
        Not to mention, PS3 doesn’t really have anything to put over xbox. “WE HAVE GENERIC RACING, AND FIGHTING GAMES!!!!!11!11!ONE!!1 LOL. WE HAZ FREE INTERBUTTZ LOL!”

      • yoyoy

        STFU Idiot, we have halo, gears of war, and many more, and guess what HALO IS NOT GOING TO BE FOR PS3, MICROSOFT OWNS THE RIGHTS FOR HALO. And don’t call someone a nerd when you have a game system too., and no bungie will make games for pse3 jsut not halo. AND We DONT SAY WE HAVE HALO BIZZZNITCCHH, unless your taking to other 6 year olds like yourself. And saying fags isn’t cool.

  34. XBOX360FAN

    If this is true, then PS3 needs to give us XBOX fans God of War 3 for a cheaper price too.

  35. the ps3 h8r

    ok… this makes me mad! halo has been on xbox for way too long just to be ripped away from it and rubbed into our faces!!!! xbox created halo and having reach go on the ps3 is like bungie telling us all to f*** off and forget about the real people who made this game great. so bungie if you can read this, if you do this your going to loose alot of fans

    • xbox lover

      xbox didnt create halo it was first going to be for mac as a strategy game not a fps and bill gates bought the rights for it

  36. madpostman

    Hey dudes, did you see the release date: April 1…April Fools Day. Of course the PS3 will NOT get Halo: Reach.

    • gage

      yea i no it s april fools ritesonys just trying to get us mad at microsoft and play the freaking ps3 insteead

  37. Your-Mother

    dudes, its pretty obvious that its fake, when you click, the links and they take you to the rickroll videos,…

    nicely done to the webpage crew though, this had me fooled for about 5 minuits ๐Ÿ˜›

  38. BOB

    I lol’d.

    Didn’t fool me for a second, considering the Halo franchise is owned by Microsoft, not Bungie.

  39. Sony Riles

    Why Would We (ps3 owners) Want this piece of shit game halo franchise is overrated and fucking sucks!!! microsoft are tight bastards who charge you for pathetic stuff cunts.

    • yoyoy

      STFU you own a sp3 you you probably never played that much of halo, and we have better games then u

  40. Michael

    fake journalism is not cool… some younger naive Halo kid may be crying now!

  41. kevin

    STFU fags you xbox360 noobs stole final fantasy from us and do you see us crying??!

    • yoyoy

      Um, were not fags, and if you ps3 people arent crying about it then why did you bring it up? this is an april fools joke and no one here is crying. Nice one, idiot.

  42. stopwhining

    okay people dont need to be freaking out about this its time to face the facts xbox utterly blows there is no argument to the contrary bungie has just gotten smart

    • yoyoy

      STFU this is an april fools joke and xbox isn’t shit, we have better games, you have better graphics, We have better online but we have to pay. and bungie was smart to go with micosoft instead of sony.

  43. Pawel

    guys shut up, everyone should be able to play an awesome game as reach, and you xbox fans already stole many games from us.

    • roy

      Um the fans didn’t steal the games, they game makers were loosing money, it’s not our fault some of your game company makers are loosing money, cuz no one is buying their games..

  44. Luke

    Okay, reading this is making me laugh at how fucking dumb and immature you all are.

    “PS3 sucks”, “XBOX sucks”, a 99% chance says you’ve never even tried the opposite system. I have. I own both. I prefer my PS3 because it has a billion more features, but I love Halo, but that’s the only reason I really like XBOX

    XBOX pluses: Halo (duh), cheaper, certain other exclusive games
    PS3 pluses: More features like blue-ray, internet browser, compatible with more universal accessories, pretty cool exclusives too

    Really dipshits, learn about the other consoles before you talk shit about them. And really, if you’re gonna spend time actually arguing about it, get a fucking life.

    • dog

      Um, how do you know if they have a life or not, or if they own both systems? you obviosuly havn’t touched your xbox in a loong time because you dont know shit about it, so im guessing you lying.

  45. Ps3 guy

    Why are the xbox ppl gettin so protective over halo I think it would be a good move for bungie having a game for more than 1 councle

  46. theman


    1. this was posted on APRIL FOOLS DAY.
    2. Bungie don’t own Halo. Microsoft do. If Bungie really said this then Microsoft will be like “wtf are you on about? get back to work”.
    3. You people obviously can’t read other comments and have an inability to see a RICK-ROLL video.


  47. not important

    Hey xbox geeks. Read the fucking date you retards. And then after that go cry about how you almost lost your only game that is only on your precious crap console.

    • Luke

      ‘not important’ you faggot its not the xbox fans who are being mislead about the date, it’s ps3 fans. And the xbox console isn’t crap, i’ve had both the xbox 360 and the ps3 and they both do the same thing in my opinion but the xbox has a hell of alot more amazing games than the ps3.

    • dog

      hey not important, your name says it all and, obviousl you got tricked into believing it was going to be on ps3, so stop your crying/ ADNW WE HAVE WAY BETTER GAMES THEN A PS3 STO STFU FANBOY

  48. Alshep

    Even if it was posted on aprils fool day it actually makes sense that the PS3 is getting halo think about it. Sony is thinking on allowing Xbox to use Blu-ray codes, Sony already is developing a metal gear for Xbox. And just think about it a big franchise does not give a fuck about fans as long as it gets money. And if Halo does gets transferred to the PS3 Activision that now owns Bungie would get SHITLOADS of cash so yeah it actually makes sense.

  49. i dont care

    seriously guys, even though i am a ps3 fan, u cant tell that halo reach is goin on ps3 till the release date actually comes. So pls if ur a ps3 fan please leave the xbox fans alone

  50. Your white mama

    Oh shit i was getting kinda scared!!! i was starting to think that bungie got pissed off at microsoft and betrayed them and made halo reach for the ps3 only. i thought all this till i read madpostman’s post saying it was posted on april fools day. then i was releaved. o.o –> ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Jay

    On my search browser it said this was published 13 hours ago and I freaked out not remembering this as posted on april 1st..Btw Bungie does not own the rights to Halo so without Microsoft say ahead it couldn’t be ported to the ps3…Also I have both consoles and the 360 is considerably better then the ps3…XBL>>>>psn

  52. zeek

    Everyone who still thinks this is real.. Wow, no… Bungie is contracted under Microsoft for the Halo series. Bungie is going to LEAVE the microsoft contract after reach, to make a multiplatform video game… (Yay?)

    For all of you fan boy arguing…

    The argument has gotten old… Xbox people have an xbox, PS people have a PS3, and real gamers have everything.. Yes… I will say that with a VERY LIGHT HEART, the systems have been out for long enough that everyone should have (For how inexpensive they have gotten) all the systems…

    PS3, has problems… Can’t say it doesn’t.. PSN went down, and took achievements off / screwed up OFFLINE achievements.. Is the biggest notable problem
    Xbox-360 has problems.. Mainly RROD / Red Dot of Doom
    Wii… kinda childish but can’t say you can have more fun while drunk…
    Computer… Constant updating can be annoying…

    The argument, really needs to get dropped… (probably in the (Probably far) future, there will be one system, and people will STILL argue..)

  53. sean

    kind of obviously fake, i mean, bungie doesn’t even have the rights to halo. only microsoft does. lol. i like watching the angry people though.

    • jamie

      But ther 15 yr contract is up with micro soft so they probaly will do both platforms if they think ther going to make more money out of it

      • Mystery

        They won’t, Microsoft owns Halo, even after the 15 years, bungie is gonna making new games for ps3. Exept microsoft will not sell the game right to sony, they would loose money too!

      • jeremy

        Ok lisen here if microsoft ownes the right to halo that means they will make more money not lose money, if its put on ps3 plus pc they will make most of it do u understand know they can’t lose here. Plus ps3 people would atleast buy half of what xbox people bought for reach

      • liam

        But Halo is a main selling point for the Xbox 360, Microsoft, in the long run, would end up losing money if they sold the game right. Bungie will be making games for PS3 aswell, but until Microsoft milks Halo dry on the 360 I sincerely doubt it will be Halo.

    • APE xCoLiiSioNz

      lol its already came out on xbox halo reach and i have not heard 1 thing even spoke about it being on ps3 and also do you realise how much this would cost microsoft and Bungie.

  54. jeremy

    Had an xbox know I got a ps3 I really want it for ps3 and a lot more people will want it for ps3.it would be cool if bungie and microsoft puts it on ps3. Also I’m a halo fan

    • dude

      yea but call of duty iz fuking better and im a call of duty fan and if ur not THEN UR A FUCKING FAGET WHO SUCKS A COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • u dont needa no

        n ur a dum azz sorry bitch n halo iz way betta

      • Nick


    • jeremy

      Well halo 1 and 2 was on pc and there was a website that said it would be on xbox, ps3 and pc. Now if that was to happen that would be your game of the year award. Not it forget it would make more money then mw2 and uncharted 2. I think it will be released on xbox, ps3, and pc.

      • jamie

        1 week and $10 cheaper thn xbox but unlikely they will probaly all be brought out at the same time

  55. jamie

    no offence to microsoft but will they f off with all ther buying all the great games and map packs and ps3 they havent bought anything apart frm uncharted 2 and killzone but still tht is why more people are going to xbox

    • jeremy

      Yea well the xbox is so god damm expensive with the adapter,golden membership,(or internet cable). That with the xbox combind is about 490$.not even to mention the games. The ps3 has wifi inside of it and is like 250$ with free internet.but you know you are right that xbox has great games and is selling good, mostly because of gears of wsr 3 and halo reach ( ;

      • Joe Jonas

        Hi guys im serioslly i halo addict did you know that….. i had a xbox 360 but it damaged so i bouth a ps3…. if its true that halo reach coming to ps3 it will be the best thing ever cause theres many halo fans with a ps3 for different reasons

      • jeremy

        What’s your ps3 name so I can add you as a friend. and also, i love halo too but its all too expensive for me to go buy an xbox again. And if you go on youtube type halo reach on ps3. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • aj1174life

        dude halo addict as well and i have both ps3 and xbox 360 ha and halo reach is awsome

      • James Calinko

        Ha!!!!!!!!! iknow eh it even sais ONLY FOR XBOX on the front, they aint changin shit

  56. Mayur

    You guys it might be a joke look at the date April 1st, 2010? April Fools? Maybe but you guys are all going to be losers and just copy what I say to act smart ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Jeric

    They should make another lyk when halo reach comes out.They should mak a # 4.It would be great for us Halo fans!!!!

    • Ronnoc373

      Microsoft will never make halo 3,wars,odst,or reach for anything but xbox.Its a promotional device purely for selling xbox.Halo 1 was for mac before microsoft bought bungie,so pc and mac lucked out.Halo 1 started the whole xbox franchise,making the console a must-have.Halo 2 was was made for pc 3 years after the xbox version,ONLY as a vista promo.The pc crowd was praying that when windows 7 came out halo 3 pc would be the same scenario….that day never came.Halo 3 was a 360 seller,that is the current purpose of halo,to sell the xbox franchise.Nothing more.

      I am a halo 1 and 2 pc player. I believe that pc is far supperior in graphics and gameplay. GET A GOOD PC,DONT BE A PUSSY AND BUY THESE SHITTY BEST BUY ACER DUCEDRIVES! they give pc a bad name whith bad graphics and a shitty framerate. Please Don’t be a cheap bastard.

      Join my fight,use a pc,not a console,whith their aimbot controlers,costly hardware,and fixed graphics. Get the content. Get razer products.GET A PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And as a final note,YOU CAN MOD!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU CONSOLES!!!!!!

      • Ronnoc373

        Oh,and if you have halo 2 pc,lets meet up some time.My gamertag is Ronnoc373,please tell me is you’ve read my comments,and if you agree,LET US FIGHT FOR PC!……AND GLORY AND SALVATION!!!

      • Dirty Harry K

        Ronnoc373 Pc SUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKSS! It freezes on you and if you dont like the console bump you i would rather by a$ 200 xbox 360 than by a 300 to $1000 dollar pc

      • Zatthium

        arguing over which is best is as mindless as sticking dynamite in yer pee-hole..Pc might be best in graphics n shit but cmon..do u wanna go each week to buy new cards so u can keep up?i sure don’t
        and modding?srsly?modding is your argument?why don’t u just say that u like to cheat.like using Godmode in GTA while playing online…fuck u modders..learn to play fair.

      • James Calinko


  58. Angry hoper

    This is fake and gay no one get your your hopes up this is not happening and probubly never will so Halo addicts buy the new Xbox special edition I looked up halo reach things on youtube and forge is USSABLE! It is so much easyer to make a level is so much easyer to make mongoose tracks and you can fly in space, assasinate, get JET PACKS the battle rifle is no more. Now it is a sniper rifle that whooops but and there is also a NEEDLER SNIPER RIFLE! I repeet NEEDLER SNIPER RIFLE! That is my comment…

  59. jackontrach

    well obviously this is a huge epic lie. u cant find it on amazon, ebay, gamestop
    and lol no other magazine/article wtv confirms this

  60. calum

    erm yeah microsoft don’t own the right’s to halo they owned the right’s to bungie bungie own all of the rights to all halo spin offs and the halo franchise so some people don’t know what they are talking about bungie have put games on ps3 in the past so what it’s only a game you can still play it on xbox some people treat it like a mojor issue but no it’s not like mass effect was made origianaly for xbox 360 and pc i got it on pc now it’s coming to ps3 so what just play. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • TheRealVanMan

      Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. Bungie may have made Halo, but Microsoft owns the rights. Bungie would not be able to sell Halo to the PS3, it would have to be up to Microsoft to make that call. And that won’t be happening in a long time.

  61. aswhole

    all this s#cks, dont you understand, its impossible to this happen…. this was posted on april 1 and it never came out…you are all retards that think this game will be on ps3

  62. Dirty Harry K

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  63. Ryan

    Can u play halo online with ur friend if he has it for ps3 and u have it for xbox 360??

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