Bungie, maker of Halo, today announced the studio’s plans to bring a Chess option to the world of the upcoming Halo: Reach.

In the game mode, gamers can suit up and take to the digital chess board in the ultimate strategy game using the game’s many weapons and animations to slay enemies.

Narrated by many of the game’s higher ups, the video has a shade of authenticity to it, but c’mon, don’t get fooled again.

Now, this is definitely Bungie’s April Fool’s joke, but would you really be so against it, were it to actually make the final product?

Halo: Reach, the real game, comes to shelves this September. A multiplayer beta for it drops May 3.

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3 Responses

  1. ImA-Beast

    Happy April Fools!

    (This is gotta be a joke, but wouldn’t mind if it was in the game)

    • halomaster

      even if it not in the game u could make a chess board map in the forge mode csnt ya

  2. Fatgunn

    I would love this to be atleast a custom game mode or a prerelease arcade game


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