The original Crysis was very pleasing to the eyes, so much so, we thought it’d stay on PC, but alas, it’s sequel is destined for consoles later this year and aims to “set the graphical benchmark.”

A bold claim for sure, but one developer Crytek is more than capable of delivering on.

“We know [developing for PS3] is a big challenge, but we’re happy to accept it,” said executive producer Nathan Camarillo. “The most important thing that Crysis taught us as a developer is that, while cinematic graphics and convincing gameplay will get you a lot of press and build strong interest before release — you shouldn’t count on that exclusively.

“We’re aiming to set the graphical benchmark. Why would anyone not want to play a game with the best graphics they have ever seen, great gameplay, some engaging fiction, challenging AI, killer weaponry and a complete gaming experience like no other?”

Now, I’m all for fine graphics, but if it pulls an “Avatar” and dazzles the eyes but lacks in fundamental concepts and mechanics (story and gameplay), then I won’t be so happy.

Source: CVG

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