A new firmware update for PS3 owners (v3.21) should be available world-wide this week that will, among other less obvious things, disable the ability to use Linux on the device. This option was only available for non-slim models and has apparently given Sony piracy worries. PS3 Linux users can decline the update, but will have their machine’s capabilities severely hampered. Here is a short list of things continued Linux users won’t be able to do:

* use network features that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features of PS3 games and chat

* playback PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require PS3 system software version 3.21 or later

* playback copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings)

* use features and improvements that are only available on PS3 system software 3.21 or later

This shouldn’t be a problem for most, but Linux users who do want to update will need to back up their data. It will be inaccessible following installation of the update.

via: IGN

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