Joystiq is today reporting the game is NOT coming to Xbox 360.

“While we recognize that there are other operating systems and platforms available for games today, our development is specific to the personal computer using the Windows operating system at this time,” BioWare’s Sean Dahlberg said.

Could it be? The epic massively multiplayer online role playing game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” coming to console?

According to an internal Xbox 360 release list, nabbed by VG247, The Old Republic is slated for a TBC date in 2011 for Xbox 360.

Given the believed massive magnitude of the game, and its persistent online experience, it seems extremely unlikely. But, in 2008, EA’s Frank Gibeau pretty much hinted at it when he said “We’re definitely looking at the opportunity to bring the MMO experience to console, without question.”

Would you play a MMORPG on a console, like the Xbox 360? I only worry about the controls, but I do think if one were to show up and the controls did work, it could be a  huge success.

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  1. GK15

    The controls could work just like they did in KOTOR and heck yeah I’d pay for it and play it. This is the one MMORPG that I would actually pay for. I’m not gonna buy a new PC just for it tho so a console version would be perfect for me. KOTOR is one of my favorite games of all time and is one of the reasons I got an xbox and a 360. Disappointing that part 3 never came out but I’d be willing to forgive a little bit if they made amends by putting this on the 360. Please put this game out!!


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