Russia Today presenter Yulia Shapovalova ended her shift Monday morning and made her way down to the Park Kultury metro station. After entering the station, she was quickly told to evacuate by officials who, little did she know, were trying to clear out the station before a female suicide bomber detonated a charge.

In the interview, Shapovalova is visibly distraught.

Two female suicide bombers detonated bombs today, one at Lubyanka station around 7:50 a.m., and the other, about 40 minutes later, at Park Kultury station across town. Preliminary estimates place the death toll at around 40, however some have reported it being as high as 60 and even 100.

Islamic extremists from the Caucasus region, which includes Chechnya, which has long been at odds with Russian government, are being blamed for the attacks. In 2004, extremists from the region set off a bomb in Moscow’s metro station, killing at least 40 and injuring more than 130.

No groups have yet taken responsibility for the blasts.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed "the terrorists will be destroyed." In a speech this morning, President Obama condemned the “heinous” terrorist attacks and pledged to stand with Russia in the fight against global violent extremism.

With files from the New York Times.

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