When the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta begins in just a few months on May 3, it’ll look and feel staggeringly different than Halo 3, the most recent Bungie Update informs us.

“Rank as you knew it in Halo 3, is dead” says Bungie.

According to Bungie, the concept of Rank has been completely revamped and divorced from Trueskill and EXP has been entirely thrown away.

So what’s going to take its place?

Rank in Halo: Reach will advance with the collection of “Credits” and “Commendations.” These items can be amassed by completing tasks in both campaign and matchmaking. Specifically, finishing and winning matches in the upcoming beta (and full retail game), will be a “significant” source of Credits. And Commendations, “persistent, aggregating awards” will serve as “virtual scouting reports with information on what type of a player someone is.” Basically, you’ll collect these for performing any number of tasks. And when you reach a milestone amount of Commendations, you’ll be rewarded with a wealth of Credits, nice.

What’re these Credits good for? You guessed it, for virtual goodies to deck your Spartan out with.

Check out the images below and please, please, please head over to the Bungie Weekly Update, as it is packed to the top and is in fact overflowing with Halo: Reach info.


Left Shoulder.



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