Tonight at the inaugural Penny Arcade Expo East, (PAX East), Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and Infinity Ward’s community man, Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling, sat in on a “Traversing The Twitterverse” panel.

Subject matter was supposed to involve, you guessed it, Twitter and its involvement in the evolving gaming sphere. But with the Infinity Ward representative present, and an audience driven Q+A session, the focus immediately changed to Modern Warfare 2.

Bowling immediately responded to a question concerning next week’s Stimulus Package DLC and its gargantuan $15 price tag.

He said Activision decides the price point, that Infinity Ward itself had no say, and that no additional Special Ops modes or maps were included, because the essence of Modern Warfare 2 is its multiplayer.

“Activision is the one that sets the price for DLC. We focus on what goes in it. We hear the feedback. We have our own personal opinions. The map pack is awesome. It’s worth the money. We raise concerns to our higher-ups but ultimately the decision is out of our hands,” said Bowling.

Major Nelson was a shade more realistic about the price. He said it doesn’t matter what publishers decide to charge, because at the end of the day, gamers buy it.

“At the end of the day, the number is going to speak for itself. A certain subset of the audience believes it’s never going to be cheap enough until it’s free,” Larry Hyrb, or Major Nelson, said.

With the new DLC out next week, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Will gamers actually boycott the DLC and prove these men wrong? Or will they reach into their wallets and hand money to a smiling Activision? We’ll find out next Tuesday.

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