During the same Gametrailers TV interview in which Playstation CEO Jack Tretton confirmed the future release of Killzone 3, the Sony boss had some unsurprisingly harsh words for Microsoft’s upcoming Natal device.  In a line of questioning regarding the recently unveiled Playstation Move and the competing Msoft Natal tech, Tretton said, “If you really want to get involved in playing with a camera I suggest you go out and buy a $99 PlayStation 2 and play some of the great technology we invented eight years ago. I think ultimately [the Move] is next generation gaming.”

Oh Snap!! That’s cold, Jack.

No doubt the war of words will only escalate as the 2 products approach release this fall. Time will tell if Natal is really no better than the 8-yr-old Eye-Toy (we kind of doubt it). In the meantime, you might as well sit back and enjoy the rhetoric while waiting for more blood in the Call-of -Duty-Gate scandal.

Source: CVG

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