In spite of some vocal outcry from the traditional fan-base over too much linearity and noticeable mainstreaming of the new installment, FF XIII has managed to sell 1 million copies in North America in just 5 days. This figure, along with amazing sales in Japan where 1 million units moved in just 1 day, have prompted Square-Enix to label the FF XIII  March 9th launch the most successful in franchise history.

The game has reviewed very well, with some even claiming to have fallen madly in love with its visual majesty.  More impressive figures for FF XIII sales will likely be made known in the coming weeks. We will be sure to keep you abreast.

Via: Gamespot

Square characters always have the most amazing strength in their wrists.

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  1. Anthony

    Love the game…but seriously, the linearity shouldn’t continue into the next game.


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