If you ever wondered what the key to success for Microsoft and its Xbox 360 was, wonder no more, as Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft today said not incorporating a Blu-Ray drive and a hard push for digital distribution was the company’s strategy from the getgo.

“Sony bet on the physical disc, and there are costs associated with that,” Greenberg told Edge magazine.

“The fact that we’re able to offer a console starting at $199 is a benefit of not being burdened with that cost.”

“For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that was the future – the ability to [play] 1080p movies with no disc, no download required; we have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console.”

Can’t argue with that logic. But it’ll be interesting to see forthcoming figures from Sony and how much ground they’ve made up against Microsoft with their new $299 price point.

Source: CVG

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