The demo for the hotly anticipated Splinter Cell: Conviction from Ubisoft will grace XBLA tomorrow, according to Inside Xbox. Conviction has been touted to be a much more gritty and hard boiled entry in the  Splinter Cell series, one of the most popular of the previous generation. Many feel that the the 1st next-gen outing, ‘Double Agent,’ didn’t quite live up to expectations, so here’s a St. Paddy’s Day glass to hoping this is the best Splinter Cell yet!

Download the demo and see what you think. Word is that Conviction features awesome co-op elements and some seriously down-and-dirty combat scenarios. Don’t you get it? Your daughter got killed by the government and now you have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE. Conviction hits shelves April 13th. Maybe you can use the same goggles you got with MW2?

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