Tiger Woods gets around. Whether it be globetrotting to Dubai to play on his course, or shamelessly throttling women every other weekend, the golfer is a stud.

Tiger Woods

He’s admitted his wrongdoings and will be back to the game next month at the PGA Tour’s most prestigious event, The Masters in Augusta.

EA Sports breathes a sigh of relief as the publisher, sticking with their man (and another), won’t have to worry about shipping a title with an inactive athlete.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Tiger back on the golf course,”  EA Sports executive Peter Moore blogged recently. “All eyes will be on Augusta in a few weeks.”

Woods was dropped by several sponsors, including Accenture and the future of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game franchise was in question, but no more.

Everybody, glad to see Tiger return? He’s doing it at the place he began his career and at a club with some of the most respectful and reserved galleries in the game. That’ll make it easier, right?

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  1. shirley A Evans

    Why dont people leave him alone. He probly didnt have afairs with all those girls. I think most of them only want thier names in the news. Shirley A evans

  2. shirley A Evans

    Leave the man alone & let him get his life & family back . Other men in sports & plotics has dne the same things.But people didnt treat them that way. Look at bill clinton. shirley

  3. easportsblogcenter

    I will be very glad to see tiger return, I don’t know why him cheating on his wife was so shocking to everyone, with any industry in the entertainment world, its bound to happen, it comes with the job really, I guess the media just likes making a big deal out of everyday things, I think everyone needs to move on and let it go, and respect that even the greatest golfer in the world is human


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