I honestly wanted to believe in Activision, but that optimism ended today, as Infinity Ward revealed yesterday that the first DLC for Modern Warfare 2 will set gamers back $15.

Infinity Ward’s Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling appeared on Xbox Live spokesman Larry Hyrb’s podcast last night and confirmed the March 30 release date of “The Stimulus Package” exclusively for Xbox Live and that it’s going to cost and arm and a leg. Translation? 1200 MS Points/$15.

Now, that’d be fine and dandy if the DLC was a robust piece of multiplayer joy, but it’s five maps and two are remakes.

I’m boycotting it on the argument that if I throw my money at it, $15 could become the new norm.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. drksilenc

    lol actiacr@p does it again we knew this was comming thats why they didnt release the console or sdk for the map pack on the pc… give it another 5 years and acti will be in the gone except for the blizzard devision

  2. Holback

    PC players are going to drop this game quickly. As a long time PC player of the entire series (not including this release) I must say the party is over.

    Thank you Craptivision for the terrible job you have done for the CoD Brand.

  3. anaconda

    15.00 are they out of there minds this has got to be the most expensive map pack yet. i can see 10.00 at the most. they are trying to rips us off

  4. ian

    bad company 2 it is then…how stupid can they be to RAISE they price and give us 2 maps that WE ALREADY HAVE by just putting in the first disk. craptivision should just leave the call of duty series before there is a physical outrage at the creation studio. $15…are u f*#$ing kidding me?

  5. Me

    I think 15 dollars is way to high, especially for two maps that 90% percent of people who play this game have already.

    Activision should really follow BC2’s example and release their map packs for free! Haven’t they made enough off MW2 to begin with??

    I guess they can get away with it though, since most of the MW2 maps are so awful they’ll do whatever they can to get their hands on some new maps.

  6. Recon Pyro

    Sounds Very Similar To Obama’s Stimulus Package, Cause The Consumer To Spend More Money So That Big Corporation Rakes n The Money

  7. Angel machadi

    To tell u the truth I think that it is way to overpriced. But also I don’t want to b kicked of the lobby because I don’t have the map. So they may b ripping me off but I’m to stupid to pay for it anyways.


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