Women are starting to beat men at video games.

It’s not something you hear very often, but it is now a rising fact in the video game industry. Women have been rising in the “extreme gamer” category by 5 percent over each of the last two years.

Walk into any GameStop of EB Games and you will see more women on the demo’s than guys lately, and men are not sure what to think.

"Its surprising to see a girl rock out on games as good as guys can," said video game player Nick, who declined to give his last name. "But damn, they’re getting really good!"

As an avid gamer, and a woman, I took on gamer Nick at a fighting game. We were evenly matched, and Nick gained a greater respect for women in the gaming world.

"I have to giver her props, man,” he said. “thought girls only liked to play those model games and fashion games.”

Well that is far from the truth. Other ladies in the store listed their favorite games. We’ve got: Prince of Persia, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, and many, many more. So don’t be alarmed when you here a woman request God of War or another hack-n-slasher. We girls got game.

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Alexandra Smolen is a Blast correspondent while also a graduate from Emerson College. She majored in Broadcast Journalism.

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