"She’s Out of My League" never gets around to answering its central question, "Why would a 10 date a 5?" Instead the film seems more interested in lame gross-out gags and tired scenes of guys sitting around talking and trying to sound like they are in a Judd Apatow movie.

It’s a shame, because there is a solid comedic set-up here that is wasted in the unoriginal execution.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is a nerdy TSA airport security guard who meets blond bombshell Molly (Alice Eve) in a perfectly cute fashion. She forgets her iPhone after rushing through security to catch her flight and Kirk returns it to her. As a thank you, Molly offers to take Kirk to a hockey game and the two begin an awkward courtship.

The film spends little time explaining why Molly falls so hard for Kirk. Sure, he seems like a nice guy, but there seems to be very little else to recommend him. He has a crappy job, a terrible family and a truly loathsome ex-girlfriend. Molly’s best friend (played by a scene-stealing Krysten Ritter) suggests that she sees Kirk as a safe alternative after being hurt by a more handsome ex. But that is hardly a reason for Molly to go for a dip in the shallow end of the gene pool.

Directed by: Jim Field Smith
Starring:Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Krysten Ritter
Rated: R

Instead of scenes showing Molly and Kirk developing a relationship beyond the music-montage standard of your run of the mill crappy romantic comedy, we get a scene of Kirk getting help from a friend with his manscaping. Then one of Molly’s dog amorously licking Kirks crotch after he has an "accident" during a particularly heavy make-out session with Molly.

Perhaps a more charismatic actor could have made it work. Unfortunately Jay Baruchel proves to be a bit of a dud in his leading man debut. His twitchy body movements and understated line delivery recall a young Nicolas Cage but unfortunately he doesn’t have the kooky charm to match. He just seems completely uncomfortable in his own skin and it makes him an unappealing hero to root for.

It’s a shame that Baruchel isn’t better, because Alice Eve is quite good. She takes a thankless "dream girl" part and invests Molly with genuine charm, intelligence and sweetness. I never bought that her character would stick with the befuddled Kirk.

"She’s Out of My League" squanders the promise it shows early, chasing the easy joke instead of focusing on the characters. Instead it becomes and awkward mash-up of the Farrelly Brother’s “anything goes” vulgarity and a Judd Apatow bro-centric relationship comedy.

Skip this one. Instead stay home and wonder if there is anyone outside characters from crappy movies who actually ranks girl’s hotness numerically. Seems to me like an incredibly limiting and subjective evaluation method.

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  1. Bryon

    I think the only thing this movie was missing from a better script was the song “She’s Like the Wind” sung by Patrick Swayze. There’s a line in the song when he sings about “She’s out of my league.” and I think it would have been a great sappy addition. I saw this on Cinemax on Monday in HD on my DISH Network employee service and I’m glad that I didn’t rent it but I also can’t get my money back for Max either. It had a few funny moments, and sure, it made me feel like I might have a shot at a 10 (for a few seconds maybe) but the only redeeming part was seeing it on my DISH Network HD service. It’s free for life to anyone that quailfies.


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