In Fable III, Lionhead’s third installment in the role-playing-game saga, gone are the two dimensional menus, in favor of a personalized and dynamic “Guild Chamber.”

This chamber, a  fully three-dimensional room, where your character can walk around, is a place to try on new clothes, weapons and listen to the comedic banter of “the butler,” voiced by Monty Python’s whimsical genius John Cleese.

In another room, the treasure trove, will be all the gold you’ve amassed. And as Peter Molyneux, the game’s creative director so eloquently put it, you can “rub gold all over your hot naked body,” if you’d like.

What  might be most compelling about the Guild Chambers though, is its War Room, a place to view the game’s new, dynamic map.

Molyneux said Fable II’s map was “rubbish” and the new one allows the gamer to oversee and examine the entire living and breathing world, before embarking on quests.

Have a look at IGN’s video interview with the man, on their Web site, it’s worth it, believe me.

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