Bungie continues to tease Halo: Reach tidbits this week in its Weekly Update, this time revealing a new grenade lobbing mechanism.

Grenades in Halo: Reach will have orange tracer attached to them, allowing users a better ability to place and detect grenade tosses.

What’s more, there will be a faint light emitted from the grenade lob that dynamically changes when sweeping through the game’s environment, allowing those without their sound turned on to still detect incoming ‘nades.

And if your sound is turned on, you’ll hear a distinct “metallic clink.” And the louder the clink, the heftier the damage. Bungie says adding this effect will make those “no way, how did he kill me?!” moments disappear.

Sadly, no images of the new trajectory effect or grenade clink noise were provided.

As an avid Halo gamer, this news is most delightful. I can’t even begin to estimate the number of “WTF, how did I die so quickly” moments associated with grenade tosses. Now at least I’ll know when I die at the hands of a perfect grenade toss.

Source: Bungie Weekly Update.

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  1. Kevin

    That sort of takes the fun out of the game though. Those WTF moments are what brings good laughs when you play with friends.


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