Monty Python’s whimsical master John Cleese will lend his voice  to a character in Fable III, Lionhead studios announced at GDC 2010 today.

He’ll play the “Butler,” and while he wasn’t shown, he was vividly described by Lionhead personnel as the game’s comic go-to guy.

According to Peter Molyneux, head of the game’s development studio, when you press the start button in the game, it’ll bring up a menu offering you an ability to change your attire, and, who better to provide comic relief that the witty Cleese?

Cleese’s inclusion is part of a Lionhead’s determined effort to enable players to utilize all of the game’s functions. Fable II was plagued with an ugly and wonky 2D menu system that Molyneux said not even half of the players utilized. Fable III will have fully 3D menus and will strive much harder to familiarize and make readily available to the gamer all its functions.

Source: Kotaku

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