Lindsay Lohan filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming an E-Trade commercial aired during the Super Bowl and Olympics took a stab at her, the Boston Globe reported.

Don’t have a clue what this is about? Neither did I. About to Google it? Don’t bother.

One of the babies in the commercial refers to “milkaholic Lindsay.” That’s it. We see baby Lindsay, and she isn’t even a redhead.

Lindsay’s lawyer said her first name is just as recognizable as her full name. When your name is Oprah, Raven or Kesha, that’s one thing. But with a common name like Lindsay, the claim begins to look a little paranoid.

Despite the fact that Lindsay seems paranoid, I can’t help but sympathize a little. Girls always think people are talking about them. When a girl is famous, known for substance abuse and often publicly mocked, I imagine that fear gets a lot worse.

Maybe her name was used on purpose – it’s completely possible – but I doubt anyone noticed.

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