Tonight at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in, Sony Computer Entertainment of America finally named and dated its motion controller, “PlayStation Move.”

Peter Dille of Sony recognized Nintendo’s Wii as a great casual gaming experience and said PlayStation Movie is “A step ahead of anything available on the market today” and that it’s “the next generation of motion-gaming.”

PlayStation Move will be due out this Fall.  It will come in three different forms. Move controller alone (for those who already have the PlayStation Eye), Move Controller and PlayStation Eye, and a PlayStation 3 console, Move controller and PlayStation Eye.

What’s more, Dille said (besides the under PS3 console bundle), Move will cost less than $100.

Fighting games, all sorts of mini games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and various family games were demoed at the press event.

Anyone excited for this? The controllers look so wacky, there’s two, and the Wii did it 4 years ago.

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