According to a recent Tweet by Infinity Ward’s Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling, Modern Warfare 2 has reached over 25 million unique players and DLC news is scheduled for this week.

The 25 million takes into account unique players across all platforms, with Xbox 360 leading, PS3 behind and PC at the bottom.

That DLC? Could be the rumored “Stimulus Package Map Pack” or something completely different. With the 2010 Game Developer’s Conference happening this week in San Francisco we’re expecting the news by week’s end.

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  1. Anthony

    Activision is so dumb >_>

    Hopefully things turn out good for Infinity Ward.

  2. Kesler

    What will the date be i have been holding 1600 microsoft points waiting for this!

  3. Jesus

    I wonder how many maps will be in the map pack. So is it true that Infinity Ward is bringing Overgrown and Crash, back from CoD 4. I seen some YouTube videos and some other maps are called Complex and Compact….Anthony is slow, Activision is Beast. 😀


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