On to the most stacked category of the night…Best Actor. Very cool bringing out some other fine actors to talk about the nominees. And congratulations Vera Farmiga for actually getting a smile out of the surprisingly moody Clooney. Wow these stories have been great, particularly the one where Morgan Freeman didn’t know Tim Robbins’ name the first day of shooting “The Shawshank Redemption.” And who wouldn’t want to go on a trip to Mexico with Colin Farrell and Jeremy Renner — even if you did have to share a pillow. Bet those guys can party.

I am not sure who to root for. This category is so strong top to bottom. I am hoping for Jeremy Renner — the guy was a force of nature in “The Hurt Locker,” but Jeff Bridges has waited so long and his turn as Bad Blake is certainly award-worthy. And presenting is the always luminous Kate Winslet. With a standing ovation, it is Jeff Bridges. Yeah, “The Dude” has an Oscar. Bit of a rambling speech, but the guy deserves it. And acting really is a “groovy” profession. Bridges is one of a kind.

Best Actress has been considered a two-person race for a few months now. Will it be Streep or Bullock? My personal choice would be Carey Mulligan for “An Education.” She was absolutely wonderful as the young and naive Jenny, but my money is on Sandra Bullock. Besides, I expect Mulligan, like Streep, will be back here a lot. I think it is going to be tough to give Streep a third instead of the well-liked Bullock a first. Really love the decision to have actors “present” each actress with a story. Hard to choose who to root for; all the stories were great.

And it’s Sandra Bullock. Who would have ever thought Bullock would ever be nominated, let alone win? But she found a heck of a part and played it well. Her speech should be used as a template by future winners. Just classy top to bottom. And great sentiment to end on, thanking the “moms who take care of the children and babies no matter where they come from.”

We are in the home stretch, people. Here comes Best Director. I think it is Bigelow’s year. It would certainly be a worthy first win for a female director.

And Kathryn Bigelow it is. She made a kick ass action flick and got some got some great performances from her entire cast. Great to see her come out with a win in such a strong year for the category. And in the bigger award battle, that makes it 5 for “The Hurt Locker” to “Avatar”‘s 3.

To end the show, we have the indelible Tom Hanks. And the winner is… “The Hurt Locker,” winning its sixth of the night. Sorry “Avatar,” you will have to live with the $2 Billion plus you have earned world-wide. Gotta love how pumped the whole cast is. Summit is no longer just the studio behind “Twilight.” Now they have an Oscar winner…. wow.

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