It’s the biggest movie event of the year — The Academy Awards. From the outrageous dresses to the long speeches, the wins and the losses, Blast reporter Ned Prickett is keeping you updated.

Got to say, starting out with a big musical number featuring Neil Patrick Harris — freaking brilliant. Is it just me or is he slowly taking over the world? And Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin absolutely killed. They hit all their marks with aplomb. They were snarky, but not in a mean way and picked their targets well. In an awards show were most of the awards are considered sure things, Martin and Baldwin are keeping things fun and breezy, even while making racial jokes, Nazi jokes and pot-shots at Meryl Streep.

And on to the first award of the night — Best Supporting Actor. Christoph Waltz has been the favorite since the day “Inglorious Basterds” opened. If he doesn’t win it will be a big shot. Last year’s Best Supporting Actress winner Penelope Cruz is presenting and shockingly she looks gorgeous.

No suprise there. Best Supporting Actor goes to Christoph Waltz. Long considered the favorite, Waltz started the night off well with a classy and eloquent acceptance speech. Penelope Cruz and an Oscar, “uber bingo” indeed. Stay tuned for more Oscar updates!

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