You know you are a big star when they ask you to present solo…case in point, Matt Damon presenting best documentary. “Food Inc.” may be the scariest looking movie of the year. I am afraid to watch it as I hear it immediately makes you want to become a vegetarian. And I love cheeseburgers. It was a strong year for documentaries, but “The Cove” was a front-runner since its release this summer. Wow, actor Fisher Stevens getting some Oscar love! Am I the only one that remembers “Early Edition” fondly?

And we have Tyler Perry presenting Editing. Loved the shot of Baldwin and Martin back stage chilling in Snuggies. And now it is 4-3 “The Hurt Locker” with Bob Murawski winning. Really expected “Avatar” to dominate these technical awards. I am switching my pick for best picture from “Avatar” to “Hurt Locker.”

Wow Keanu Reeves at the Oscars — never thought I would see that. Thought it is fitting that he would present “The Hurt Locker.” Kathryn Bigelow made him an action star in “Point Break.” Not sure if we should thank thank Bigelow for that or not.

And we have two masters out to present best foreign language film in Pedro Almodovar and Quentin Tarantino. Almodovar’s most recent — “Broken Embraces” was very strong and featured a great performance from Penelope Cruz. And in an upset “El Secreto de sus ojos” beats “A Prophet.” Great acceptance speech by writer/director Juan Jose Campanella featuring a nice dig at “Avatar.”

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  1. Arno

    Being a vegetarian is horrifying. Because then you will take care of a good health, a better environment, and no more killing of the animals.

    I don’t want to think about that.


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