Curious they have Robin Williams step in for Heath Ledger to present “Best Supporting Actress” but he was funny… shocking for anyone who saw “Old Dogs.”

Another non-shocker. Monique has been the favorite for months now. “Showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics.” Aren’t we a little full of ourselves Monique? In my opinion, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick should have split the award. Sorry “Precious” fans, I just wasn’t a big admirer. But congrats to Monique. Never imagined she would ever be a nominee, let alone an Oscar winner. It is great when actors surprise everyone and are given the chance to show of unexpected wells of talent.

Art Direction could kick off the “Avatar”-dominated portion of the proceedings. Expect the James Cameron box office monster to dominate the technical categories. Say what you will about James Cameron but the people who work with him seem to love and respect him.

Love how they have set up a running joke about Martin mispronouncing things and have Baldwin collect him. “Clothes whores” versus “clothes horses” — good stuff. “Costume Design” — not exactly my favorite category but an important one.

Nice to see “Young Victoria” get a win. Really loved that movie. Shame that Emily Blunt wasn’t nominated.

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