Really cool having Jeff Bridges present “A Serious Man.” Gotta say, it is appropriate to have “the Dude” present the Coen Brothers’ movie. New update for those who dont know — Jeff Bridges is starring in the brothers’ remake of “True Grit,” the movie that John Wayne won his Oscar for. Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are costarring, so expect the upcoming western to be an awards contender in 2010.

Got to love how they pick these presenting duos. The only connection between Jake Gylenhaal and Rachel McAdams… they are both really hot.

Best Adapted Screenplay is another stacked category. Just another example of how strong a movie year 2009 was. Wow! First big upset. “Up in the Air” had been the heavy favorite for months. I wonder if the spat between writers Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner had anything to do with it. Reitman definitely took a big PR hit with how dickish he seemed to be at the Golden Globes. Honestly, if it wasn’t “Up in the Air” I would have preferred “An Education.” Nick Hornby’s script was gorgeous.

And what an awkward but heartfelt speech by Geoffrey Fletcher.

“I wrote that speech for him.” Steve Martin, you are comic gold. And Queen Latifah, looking beautiful in pink, presents another montage. This one for the Governor’s Award.

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