And “Up” for Best Animated Feature. It was such a strong year for animated features. “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” showed how magical stop-motion animation can be and “The Princess and the Frog” reminded us of how fun classic Disney hand drawn animation is. But “Up” was in a different league. The film’s emotionally ravaging first seven minutes was award-worthy enough, and when you throw in a talking dog…no contest.

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin continue to dominate. Their back and forth is fun without feeling overly polished or rehearsed. Loved how they introduced Miley Cyrus and Amanda Seyfried. “Two girls who have no idea who we are.”

And yet another worthy winner, “The Weary Kind” for best song. No brainer as far as I am concerned. Just a gorgeous song.

How bad-ass is Robert Downey Jr.? Even playing the tool, he is always cool. Is it just me or should Hollywood get him and Tina Fey in a romantic comedy, like, right now? And I really liked how they presented the best original screenplay nominees. Letting you see the actors interpret the script…really cool.

What a stacked category. Honestly there is not a weak script in the bunch. Loved them all, though I have to say I am partial to “Inglorious Basterds.” What an ultra-fun script. And, as largely predicted, it is Mark Boal with “The Hurt Locker.” The film has picked up a ton of steam as the awards season has gone on and is now looking like a freight train that wont be stopped. Nice short and sweet acceptance speech for you.

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