Sega’s Yakuza 3, which nearly missed the North American market all together, has a new official site. Yakuza 3 is a PS3 exclusive and continues the brutal saga of Japanese gangland in Tokyo and Okinawa. This installment touts an increased level of explorational freedom, while maintaining a primarily story-driven experience.  The game is written by famed Japanese author of the first 2 Yakuza games, Masayoshi Yokoyama.  It also features a renowned cast of Japanese voice actors who won’t have their work butchered by a terrible English overdub.

I guess if you’re opposed to reading subtitles you might might want to pass on Yakuza 3, but you are likely to miss a an awesome game with beautiful renderings of 2 of Japan’s most famous cities – and some serious action. The website is a little short on content at this stage, but expect to see much more very soon as Yakuza 3 releases on March 9th. If you’re curious about the back-story from the 2 previous games, all that material is available on the new site as well.

BTW, these Yakuza guys have some pretty wicked tatoos…

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