In today’s gaming world, multiplatform titles are more often than not better played on consoles when compared to PC, but this isn’t true with EA DICE’s “Bad Company 2.”

PC gamers kicking tail

DICE associate producer Barrie Tingle has revealed that during this launch week for “Bad Company 2,” the game is being played more on PC than its Xbox 360 and PS3 versions…combined.

Now, DICE and the Battlefield series have always been a first-and-foremost PC-driven effort, but it’s refreshing still to see the PC community challenging (and dominating in this case) the rapidly growing console contingency.

EA released this trailer, depicting why Bad Co. 2 on PC is superior to its console cousin, but I still don’t have enough for a proper gaming rig to run it.

Source: EA

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  1. Forte

    …I hope those are legit versions. I really do…

    …I also hope this doesn’t mean that the console versions sold poorly…

    • Ben

      Ofcourse they’re legit, in order to play the game online and create an account you must of bought the game; now you can DL a pirated version and play single player, but that’s all you would be limited to.

  2. aion database

    If you loved Modern Warfare you’ll really love Bad Company 2. Inevitably, they will be compared but actually, they’re both excellent game.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an enhanced sequel, visually pleasing graphics, improved control and the multiplayer was done well. It’s definitely a must have! 🙂


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