We had 5 codes this morning and all have been claimed. Look for more giveaways in the very near future!

We’ve come into a few Xbox 360 “Blur” beta codes and since we’re too busy playing A+ games, we thought we’d hand them out to you, dear reader.

“Blur,” the arcade-style racing game from Bizarre Creations that is as much driving as it is vehicular combat, doesn’t release in full until May, but because you read Blast, you can play the game early.


The beta is a heaping pile of awesome, as it includes four game modes, six tracks, fourteen licensed vehicles, over thirty challenges, nine mods, and Twitter support.

We have three Xbox 360 beta codes and we’ll distribute them to the first three to comment on this story with a couple sentences naming your favorite racing game (sim or arcade) and why you love it.

When you win we’ll e-mail you the code and how to access the beta.

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  1. doctune

    My favourite racing game was Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge II on Amiga which featured 4-player versus games on 2 computers and had some nice power-ups lice Blur. I loved it back in the days…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    GRID and Flatout 2 are also great….

    Give a beta key now!


  2. Tom

    Though I love Dirt and the older Colin McRae stuff and both MotorStorm I look forward to this ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Maybe I’ll do more racing on Xbox in the future ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Jason

    my favourite racing game on the 360 is probably Forza 3 because of the amount of customisation you can do, not only to your performance, but to the look of your car as well

  4. Robert

    Hi there,

    I really like Mario Kart on Wii. Its awesome to play with 3 friends online and overtake somebody in the last second by transforming into a bullet and speeding past them …. haha… that’s so great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a good one,

  5. Scott

    You know you’ve got more. I loved all the old Colin Mcrae Rally games. They were way ahead of their time. Dirt 2 sucks. Grid was right on point too.

  6. Matt L

    Burnout 3 Takedown had some the best wrecks (untill the new one came out) and it was one of the fastest feeling games ever because any car you could hit could end up sending you flying, just really super intense.

  7. Steven N

    I see that the beta keys are all gone, but posting anyways has worked for two others.

    My all time favorite has to be Grand Turismo 4, But now on x360 I mostly play Burnout Paradise, it’s got great visuals, an excellent soundtrack and um… Oh CRASHES!!! you can’t forget about the crashes they’re spectacular.

  8. peteypan

    if pgr 4 isnt the best racer of all time i dont know what is. the only ones that come close to the awesomeness off pgr are ferrari challenge, f1 championship gta4. haha

  9. Dave

    My favorite racing game, and one I still play today, is Carmageddon TDR2000. I am very excited by the previews I see in that it seems that blur is going to share some of the same characteristics that make TDR so re playable.

  10. John

    man I saw a link to this article and was so excited that I may finally get a beta code but I guess they are all gone.. but i shall post my fav racing game anyway since in a month it will no longer be available to play online. That game would be Midtown Madness 3.. I can’t count how many nights I stayed up way too late playing hunter.. still my favorite game mode to play online.. too bad no one plays anymore so i can’t get in a few hunter games before xbox live is discontinued for original xbox


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