On April 15, Microsoft will flip the switch on Xbox Live support for Original Xbox games, ending an era, but for a lucky few Halo 2 players, they’ll be heavily rewarded for their “loyalty” to the game.

According to Kotaku, several Halo 2 gamers have been contacted by the Xbox Live team thanking them for their “loyalty” and gifting them 400 Microsoft Points, a 3-month Xbox Live Gold membership and an invitation to the highly coveted Halo: Reach multiplayer beta because “because you’ve been so loyal to Halo.”

The document.

Anyone receive this e-mail? I didn’t play much Halo 2, so I didn’t expect one, but I know there are many who continue to play it.

Smart move on Microsoft’s part to attempt to get these stubborn Original Xbox gamers to upgrade.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Anthony

    Now I feel dumb for never playing Halo 2 while I had the chance. D:

    • tyler

      same here and the only reason microsoft is doing this stupid update is to get people to get a 360 in my opinion the update should be optional

      • Jordan

        MS isn’t doing this “stupid” update to get people to purchase a 360. The fact is that it’s no longer feasible to have orig Xbox servers available for Live games that are barely played anymore. Not only that but the fact that Live for 360 has been severely limited due to games like Halo 2 that had built-in features and of course why the 360 has a limit of 100 friends.

        By removing the orig Xbox Live service, this allows them to finally expand without breaking Xbox orig games.

      • Zach

        It’s nice they did this, but I’m gunna miss it. Not that I played Halo 2 all that much anymore, but it was the first game I played online with any regularity.

  2. Ben Alvy

    i have the email and i keep getting thoughts in my head that this is an early invatation and if it is tell me when because i keep thinking if it is it could come out any time maby in 1 minute or a week from now please tell me i will only beleave it if microsoft or bungie tells me if its ture or not.

    • Codybury

      Im 1 of thoghts people that got it 2 I think you will get the beta on april 15th compared 2 may 3thrd it pretty good


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