The Web site is now up and running. No idea why it was down for such a long time, but will update again when news becomes available.

And the Infinity Ward vs. Activision fiasco gets stranger., the Web site that broke the story initially, is completely inoperable. It won’t load and hasn’t for upwards of 7 hours now.

Just what the hell is happening?

Very good question. Could be a simple bug, or G4’s servers might be unable to handle the exponential growth in page views this week, or it could be something even more sinister. Either way, it’s intriguing.

Go ahead, try to load and see what happens.

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  1. G4 Sucks

    Nothing to see here. Gee4’s website has always been an unstable, high-bandwidth piece of garbage. One of those bandwidth hog sites that make broadband feel like dial up. Death to Activision and death to Comcast/G4. Bring back TechTV. THEN you would actually get some coverage. G4 (and AOTS) would certainly know what an evil company can do and that’s why good people were fired and idiots like them were hired. So they can’t exactly say anything negative about Activision, can they? Screensavers or AOTS? Hmm. Gee, that’s a toughy. Olivia Munn and Kevin Ph***head really pump out the information and entertainment. My ass. F*** Comcast, f*** Activision, f*** Microsoft, f*** G4. If you want real tv, watch Tekzilla or one of the hundred other TechTV-like podcasts that blow G4 out of the water. Then watch horse-mouth and douchebag and see what you’re missing.


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