Ubisoft today announced an entirely new soccer title by the name of “Pure Futbol” for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. It takes the action from the stadium to the local field, ditches the referees but keeps the professionals. Weird, huh?

The game will be played from an over-the-shoulder camera angle which Ubisoft promises will place the gamer in the heart of the action instead of the feeling of watching a television broadcast.

What’s more, the game is, according to Ubi, a “new and unique vision of soccer video games, emphasizing the intense, physical and spectacular aspects of the sport.”

In the game will be 230 professional soccer players, 17 international teams and 17 legendary players. Gamers can play the game locally with up to three others and can even play 1v1 online.

Sound like a clusterf*ck of madness? Enjoy the debut trailer below, which hopefully makes some sense of the thing.

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