Remember back in January when Bristol Palin filed for child support from Levi Johnston? Well Bristol won, and now Levi has been ordered to pay even more.

A judge reworked some numbers and found Levi needs to be paying more than the original $18,000 for back child support payments Bristol requested, reported today. According to legal documents filed in Alaska this week, he now owes $21, 561.12.

Levi faces fines and possible jail time if he doesn’t pay up pronto.

If Levi is smart (debatable), he’ll have saved some money from that somewhat clever Wonderful Pistachio ad he did.

I know it’s old, but it can still get a giggle out of me. Bristol, on the other hand, probably wasn’t thrilled to see Levi make money poking fun at their unplanned parenthood.

Normally I can’t stand to here anyone repeat this phrase, but it’s so delightfully appropriate here:  Karma’s a bitch.

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  1. Did

    Sarah Palin ordering Levi to pay more child support? For what? To supply that evil woman of Wasilla, AKA the Anti-Christ, to become our next president? I’ll move to Canada first before that woman is our next president.

  2. Jana Larsen

    I fully agree he should pay child support, HOWEVER….they will break him to the point that he gives up because lets face it…that kid is not going to be able to afford that without a diploma or degree. That is what the scum bag Palins are BANKING on that sad fact. Sad thing is all this is on the internet for that child to see someday, frankly Mommy looks like an opportunistic vulture….fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. My ex pays me a little less than a grand for two kids, I could get more but why take more than the other parent of your child can comfortably give? He has to make a life for them too when he has them. So sick of watching woman treat the father of their children like pay checks. My family refused to play that game, get involved, buy attorneys because we would never have learned how to co-parent our amazing children. I thank them and God for that every day. They didn’t enable me like Sarah Palin enables Bristol to have it all and everything of Levi’s too. My ex is now one of my best friends because we loved our kids enough to see that they needed both of us. It’s gross and that kid will someday figure out why he doesn’t have a Dad. If Sarah Palin was such a wonderful person she wouldn’t be so dead set on creating a dead beat. Boo her and boo Bristol too. Cut the purse strings honey and instead of making an allegiance to celibacy, make an allegiance work with the man YOU CHOSE to have a baby with. He’s a kid too….so Sarah, how about opening that newly fat purse and giving the kid an education so he can keep up with those FAT child support payments.If this was about what was best for your Grandson and not your vindictive crap, you would. That is why I gag every time I hear this woman talk about family values.


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