The video game world is changing. This much we know. But mega-hit World of Warcraft is far from being seen as an afterthought, right?

Perhaps not so.

Activision, in a recent company filing expressed its stance on the rapidly evolving industry and that its juggernaut MMO might not make it through.

In the “risk factor” section of the report, Activision wrote:
‘We compete with other forms of interactive entertainment, such as casual games like iPhone applications and other mobile phone games, and games developed for use by consumers on social networking sites.

‘Future increased consumer acceptance and increases in the availability such games or other online games, or technological advances in online game software or the Internet, could result in a decline in platform-based software and negatively impact sales of our console and hand-held products. Newer technological advances in online game software may also render products such as World of Warcraft obsolete.

‘Additionally, direct sales of software over the Internet by competitors could adversely affect our distribution business.’

Don’t expect World of Warcraft to blow away just yet, Activision is merely accepting changing trends and predicting accordingly.

Source: CVG

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