Ubisoft unleashed a triple-shot of new trailers today detailing the multiplayer component of the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The game, set to release April 17, will come with a fully fleshed-out cooperative experience, which Ubisoft promises will employ the same mighty stealth action found in the single-player.

Deniable Ops is comprised of a series of game modes which task the gamer with performing everything from defending an EMP to taking out enemies with stealth. Persistent Elite Creation is how players will be rewarded for their hard work as the game progresses.

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  1. Cal Dan

    What made earlier releases of Splinter Cell (Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory) so compelling was its Spy vs Merc multiplayer mode, which allow two completely different characters (stealthy spy, and armed to the teeth merc) to play against each other.

    Ubi has elected not to include spy vs merc mode. Worse, according to Ubi, the only “multiplayer” mode is a two person shoot out. Sorry, but two person is NOT multiplayer.

    And Conviction is NOT a true Splinter Cell game.

    Go to UBI website, and you’ll see a huge group of fans screaming/begging/demanding that UBI reconsider not having Spy vs Merc

  2. damie forge

    ok no spy vs merc i setup my myspace with a poll and i have hit the 150 people mark that wont purchase thise game unless it has spy vs merc

  3. cody hill

    i am so pissed that they axed spies vs mercs. i dont think the game is worth it without. it will get so old, so fast and therefore only worth a rental. very sad considering how good the franchise ‘was’


    I have waited so long for this. Only to be let down NO spy vs merc = no purchase from me. The game itself is great but they will never compete with an online monster like Call of Duty. Online is where it is at and with no SPY vs MERC this Splinter cell will tank i hope there ready for alot of refunds to the people who dont know this. Who was the IDIOT in the boardroom who made this command decision. its just unexceptable

    • moobchunks

      to the guy above me:
      I agree with you 100%, however you said unexceptable which makes you sound like an idiot. I’m sure you meant unacceptable, anyway… I was waiting for splinter cell to redeem themselves after double agent screwed up spy vs mercs, but canning it entirely is A HUGE MISTAKE

  5. carver

    Who cares who sounds like an idiot. They removed the best part of the games. Spies vs Mercs is why I played splinter cell games for so long. Playing with a friend on your side was as good as playing co-op. Although having co-op is nice, I would rather they dropped co-op in order to enjoy the wonders of Spies Vs Mercs.

  6. Bicho

    omg no Spies vs Mercs!!! wow they killed this game……………..

  7. Splinter Cell is a let down

    Okay, you have SERIOUSLY screwed up this time guys. Like everyone else is saying, this game will definetely be a rental. I’m sure all of the critics will say: Oh this game is so great I love how it looks so great and blah blah blah. Well, do you think they try to play the game after they beat it? No of course not, move onto they’ll move onto the next game because that’s what they get payed for. The reason people get so pissed off is because they buy a game and right after they beat the single player, and play the co-op for a while (like 5 days) they feel like they were robbed. It’s not always true with all singleplayer games, don’t get me wrong. Actually, I love singleplayer games, like fallout, but there is a difference. First there is about 100 hours of gameplay, and secondly there are many great addons. Don’t get me wrong again I’m sure splinter cell will have awesome add-ons, but all I am saying is that you guys have really let us splinter cell fans down.

  8. Robert

    the review came out on ign and it got a 9.6 i believe and the game overall turned out to be better than what most poeple were expecting. Though there isnt any Spy vs. merc, there is a probably better mode that people will like even more , its just they will have to try playing it and see for themselves.

  9. Rawr

    Who cares about stupid spy vs merc? There’s enough multiplayer deathmatch games out there to keep everyone happy but hardly any good games with decent co-op. The first splinter cell didn’t have anything and it was still amazing. I look forward to playing a well-developed bad ass game while the rest of you noobs play call of pooty. Kthx 😀

  10. N0TaSNIP3R

    i can see them coming out with spy vs merc as an add on
    like versus mode in RE5

  11. Gunhaver

    Wow. I was psyched for this game, but without Spies vs. Mercs (which is really the only mode I played in SC:PT, SC:CT, and SC:DA) I’m going to either pass or just rent Conviction. I was really waiting to see what they were going to do with SvM with the new Conviction controls… Talk about disappointing.

  12. Chase

    I am a huge splinter cell fan and i bought the game right when it came out today and when i put it in, there was no SPY vs MERCS i played all the modes giving it a chance u know, but still excluding spy and mercs was the biggest mistake they could have done. its a fun game dont get me wrong but it gets boring about after about 45 min i mean they have like elimate the other team and defend and stuff but its not as fun as the old games. i stoped playing the game today because i got bored :/

  13. splinter addiction hunter

    i need to agree with every one here….yess the game and story is great….its new not the old style but chance wont hurt….yes co-op is is sick and fun to play….but spies vs mercs being gone is just a sin…i remeber playing pandora tomorrow online for HOURS AND DAYS ( i do have a life lol) and they messed it up big time with double agent idk why they designed it with a bald agent to just cuz sam was bald. but how long can u play this game till it gets old….i love that game just stilll really dissapointed without that game factor i doo hope in some devine reason its an add on (and not a gey 1 like double agent spy vs merc -_-

  14. paul

    WOT no spies vs mercs, ubi wot have u done, being as i would only buy the game mostly for the online multiplayer. i think im gonna give this game a miss and carry on playing call of duty.

  15. strayt beast

    I mean really..what where they thinking…im pretty sure the reason that 95% of the people buying this game wanted to get it for the only Spy Vs Merc. This really reminds me of what they did to Halo. Im so glad I didnt buy the game just to be tricked! WOW what a letdown was so lookin forward to crackin some merc necks online..

  16. the Truth

    I dont think these guys who make games are as smart as they might look…..
    they seem to lack in common sense totally, ignore what players are looking for in a game. In the end of the day they will do the opposite of what we want as gamers and have a big smile on their faces for making our lives miserable.
    Even if they might say its all for business purposes, it just proves that they aint gonna get the money they might expect from their stupidity, they will acctually lose allotta money if u ask me!!!………what a stupid dumb ass business strategy is that?…………If they wont do what we want they shouldnt even spend the time wasting money and effort in that game anyways!!!!..i know they can add spy vs merc if they wont….its actually easy for them…….but they wont….coz they are stubborn pricks.


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