"Remember Me," the upcoming romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson (“Twilight”) and Emilie de Ravin (“LOST”), follows Tyler (Pattinson) a rebellious young man who has a tense relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Tyler feels alone until he meets Ally (De Ravin) through a twist of fate. Tyler and Ally find happiness and comfort together; however, secrets threaten to tear them apart. "Remember Me" hits theaters March 12, but until then, short clips have been released to whet our appetites.

The first clip shows Pattinson and De Ravin in an Indian restaurant. Ally exhibits a refreshing carpe diem attitude by ordering her dessert before her entr©e. After watching Ally order dessert first, with an adorably confused look Tyler asks, "Is that a political statement or a medical condition perhaps?

Though the clip is under a minute and a half, it successfully shows a developing connection between Tyler and Ally. The couple smoothly engages in witty and surprisingly deep repartee, extinguishing fears that Pattinson would deliver annoyingly monotone dialogue as in many "Twilight" scenes.

The second clip opens in an apartment with Tyler unhurriedly washing dishes. Somehow washing dishes leads to, as Ally calls it, "that playful, ‘You got me all wet’ part."

Viewers expectantly bite their lower lips, just waiting for Ally and Tyler to kiss as they wrestle for control of the faucet. But alas the clip stops with the two breathlessly staring at one another, acutely aware of their proximity.

The interaction between Ally and Tyler is natural. Pattinson’s breathtaking smile is irresistible, and we see a lot of it in this scene. Likewise, De Ravin’s rapturous laughter is charming.

Pattinson shows audiences another facet of his acting ability in "Remember Me." Okay, so he’s already one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, but his role as Tyler feels more genuine than Edward Cullen in "Twilight" or Salvador Dali in "Little Ashes." Tyler is more light and playful, and less intense and brooding than Pattinson’s previous roles. Tyler’s emotions and interactions with Ally are preciously convincing, leaving little doubt that Pattinson will be seen in more romantic comedies — if for no other reason than his smile.

The third "Remember Me" clip shows Ally and Tyler, who appear to have just attended a carnival. Ally puts a giant stuffed panda into a cab. Tyler leans in for the kiss, and she pulls away. Is she nuts?!

Tyler shifts uncomfortably and puzzles, "So dessert first. For fear of asteroid, yes. But, umm, kissing a guy you seem to be attracted to, at least before driving off into the unknown New York City night alongside a panda you’ve only just met, no? Great."

Ally hesitates a moment before kissing him. It is a quick, somewhat strange encounter. However, the pair’s passion is evident in the way they respond to each other, and that jittery excitement of a first kiss resonates.

Pattinson and De Ravin’s chemistry sizzles. A mouthwatering cast, witty dialogue, intense family drama and harsh reality — "Remember Me" is the romantic comedy to see this March.

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