UPDATE: Sony admitted the issue, fix inbound in next 24 hours.

Sony today continues an ongoing investigation into why PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide were hit with a crippling, looping system error yesterday evening.

The log in errors prohibited users from logging onto the PlayStation Network, caused some users to lose Trophies and even made it so some games, like the newly released “Heavy Rain,” could not even be played offline.

Sony was quick to comment on its Twitter account.

“We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it,” the company said in a Twitter statement. “Stay tuned for updates.”

Sony updated on its blog in the wee hours of today and said the issue is not affecting PS3 Slims(120 and 250 GB models) and remains an issue only for the “fat” models.

And a final update came from Sony in the dark of night came by the United States Sony blog saying the team has “narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this.”

This sounds like no fun for anyone. Hopefully Sony fixes soon, soon, soon. We’ll update the instant we get word.

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  1. bobby kindred

    im upset i herd i have to buy a new system what are you going to do. i’m about to switch to x box. i can’t even play the new game i bought the ps3 is a paper weight right now its garbage to me.

  2. Paul

    I hope everyone leaves for Xbox so that I can enjoy playing with the smart people who stays

  3. Paul

    I retract my former statement – I too, hate the PS3. Xbox 360 rules!!!!

    • chis

      fuk xbox u wining shitz youall knew this was gonna happen eventually all the campers need to switch to the box

  4. sam samphire

    i am realy upset i was that upset last night that i went to a 24 hour tesco and bought a xbox so pissed i had to do it

  5. Jonah

    your all stupid.. well most of you… ps3 or xbox 360 it doesnt really matter.. iv got both and the graphics are about the same… if something is better in one system then the other makes up for it there both good.. and what kind of idiot would buy an xbox just because they cant play ps3 for 24 hours? oh no! its the end of the world as we no it!

  6. patrick

    Dang my PS3 caught the error code 8001050F for PS3 plus won’t read any disc at All anyone know a fix for this..already format mine…restarted it…restored database..no luck


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