Rockstar Games today unleashed a five-pack of shots from their upcoming open-world wild west game, Red Dead: Redemption detailing a handful of characters main character John Marston will encounter as he gallivants through the game.

Don’t know about you, but Red Dead: Redemption is super high up on my need to play list and I can guarantee you sleepless nights and frizzled hair consequences await me when it finally does release April 27 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Images and captions courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Jonah -- One of Marshal Johnson's deputies. Lazy, sarcastic -- and the hero of every tale he tells.

Luisa Fortuna -- A 19-year-old teacher and revolutionary in Mexico.

Nastas -- A Native American unsure about the joys of life on a reservation.

Nigel West Dickens -- A flamboyant traveling salesman with a unique line in miracle cures.

Zhou -- A romantic Chinese slaughterhouse worker, with some unfortunate habits.

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