Skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet people have a tendency to ignore it. That is until we notice a wrinkle or a blemish that seems to have appeared over night. At that point, we’re panicking to find any cure to our embarrassing dilemma no matter how obscure it sounds. Perhaps it is time to care for your skin before you react to it. How should you care for your skin you ask? It’s simple…from the inside.

According to nutritionist and co-formulator of GliSODin Skin Nutrients, Paula Simpson, drinkable beauty is "a functional food defined as ‘those foods that encompass potentially healthful products including any modified food or ingredient that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains.’"

In simpler terms, a food that may have extra health benefits in them other than their known nutrients.

Simpson said that the idea of beauty from the inside "stemmed from the Asian and European markets. These women look at total beauty from a holistic perspective; to protect their bodies from accelerated aging with antioxidant rich diets and effective topical skincare programs."

Now you’re wondering, what foods will produce these cosmetic benefits?

The answer, according to Simpson, is foods that contain high sources of antioxidants, because they will "help to combat the damaging effects of free radicals (toxins that have been linked with accelerated aging). The richest sources of antioxidants include those from berries, carotenoids (tomatoes and carrots) citrus, and green leafy vegetables. Selenium rich foods such as oats, turkey, and Brazil nuts can help to promote healthy immunity to ward off free radical damage on the skin."

Another way to promote healthy looking skin is to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. "If you are not getting enough fluids on a daily basis then your skin will be the first to show signs of this," explains Simpson.

The website for GliSODin Skin Nutrients calls the product "ingestible skin care for beautiful, healthy skin." Simpson said the product was created to protect the body from accelerated aging as well as "to promote optimal skin health."

SOD stands for superoxide dismutase which is an enzyme found in the human body that reduces potentially harmful toxins. It is also the key ingredient in GliSODin.

Simpson believes if you include antioxidant rich foods and drinks to your normal diet, "you are essentially boosting your intake of specific nutrients to help support a healthy immune system.”

“By maintaining healthy immunity, you will feel well and look well!"

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