Rostam Batmanglij, 26-year-old keyboardist of NY-based band Vampire Weekend, confirmed to Out Magazine that he’s gay in a recent interview. According to the publication, Batmanglij spoke about the homosexual perspectives of some of his songs, such as "Diplomat’s Son" from VW’s latest album "Contra," with lyrics like: “That night I smoked a joint, with my best friend. We found ourselves in bed. When I woke up he was gone.”

Also, he said that "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," a song he recorded with Discovery, was intended to be something of a gay anthem. During the interview with Out, he explained, "With that song I was having fun, but at the same time it was honest — those lyrics are meaningful to me, they come from my heart. I was disappointed when it didn’t become a gay anthem, but, you know, it’s not too late."

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