If you’re chomping at the bit for more Modern Warfare 2 action, fear not, as Infinity Ward today said the studio is nearing a release date for the upcoming downloadable content.

More of this soon

Infinity Ward’s community man Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling had a bunch of MW2 DLC meetings today and said information about the coveted content is in the works and will soon be unveiled.

He Tweeted about it just minutes ago on Twitter:

Lots of #MW2 DLC related meetings today, which is a good thing. Means we’re oh so close to nailing down a date and locking down details!!

There we have it ladies and gents. Information concerning the game’s first DLC is nearly here. What do you expect it to be? More maps? More unlockables? Something completely and entirely new?

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  1. will

    I want them to stop screwing around and give us a date from everything ive seen the dlc is already in the game code whats too finish give us a finished game already. oh plus some new maps whould be great 😀

  2. [BHC]Pud

    Don’t care really i would however pay to have the latency and hackers that current ruin the multiplayer aspect of the game on pc remedied or 402 to post or respond to feedback posted in there own forums more frequently than monthy if that,release patch notes unlike .184 which still hasn’t been published in there own forums or even on twitter.
    generally the multiplayer experience that we were promised we would get pre release.


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