In an interview with CVG, Bungie refused to comment on the possibility of developing for the PlayStation 3, but given the opportunity, didn’t deny it either.

Bungie separated itself from Microsoft in 2007 and is free to develop for whoever it wishes. After the release of “Halo: Reach” might Bungie wade into the waters of Sony and its PS3?

Bungie’s Brian Jarrard said the decision was “undefined right now” which certainly is no denial.

“I mean, I think our whole future’s kind of undefined right now and it’s definitely not something we’re going to be comfortable getting into too much detail about.

“We’ve had another team internally [other than those making Reach] for quite a while now – they’ve been working on the genesis of what will become our next big thing.

“It’s a little premature to get into specifics, but you know I think we have a really good mix of old blood and new blood in the studio.”

Whoa. Now this is compelling stuff. Bungie’s a great studio, a team with a knack for both single player campaign and wholly engaging multiplayer. So why not share the goods with the Sony faithful?

Source: CVG

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