Busting the brains out of Nazi Zombies was so very fun in “Call of Duty: World at War,” but “Modern Warfare 2” developer Infinity Ward today said gamers should not expect zombies to come to the modern day shooter.

Can't have it. Says Infinity Ward.

Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling, speaking with IGN, said when this Spring’s “Modern Warfare 2” downloadable content rolls out, zombies will not be included.

“There will be no Nazis or zombies in any piece of Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content,” Bowling adamantly stated at a “Modern Warfare 2” tournament last weekend.

So guys and girls, let’s put those Zombie inklings to rest and gear up for whatever Infinity Ward decides to offer as DLC this spring. What do you want? More maps? More unlockables? I want both.

Source: IGN

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  1. Matthew

    I want dedicated servers, otherwise 402 and IW can shove their DLC up their greedy asses.

  2. Matthew

    Shove it then. IW are a bunch of lieing greedy fucks, who deserve to go bankrupt, I hope the DLC is a massive flop with the PC community they have turned their backs on, as only the bovine console crowd who don’t know any better with pay for DLC.

  3. Ron

    I could Careless about there 2 Map Packs out for this game, I will most likely purchase just because my friends will. Every single map & most of the game modes permote camping to get your kill streaks then you throw in commando pro & marathon pro & its NOOB heaven. People dont turn on this game to play & have fun they want to run around using perks to get kills . Im tottaly shocked Infinity ward went from Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare to this in my opinion this games a tottal waist of time. It seems this game studio has no clue what there doing COd 4 had 1 map pack & that was an epic fail so Im thrue supporting infinity Ward, right beofre this game came out 402 said this game is for there fans as thay listened to them in 90% of the games making so I guess there all camping noobs who want to camp & get there kill streaks so much frun right. 402 is a noob doesnt deserve his position.

  4. WindyCity

    How about a terrorist hunt. Configure # of bad guys and maybe level of civilians (none, low, med, high..). Failure if X number of civ killed. Team of 4-8 all on one side. That and maybe a few maps from the campaign side (Washington DC…).

  5. calos

    Guys i now one of the new game types, trust me. I no that one of them is gonna be like demolition but its going to be arming a nuke bomb instead.

  6. Guest

    Im so tired of all the f***ing pc fanboys talking about their beloved dedicated servers! STFU and buy faster internet so maybe you can be host every now and then and not have to worry about f***ing lag.

  7. Korey

    Ridiculous, why would they not put in zombies? I wont be purchasing any DLC then and will probably stop playing. I atleast want a good reason for why not. They dont have to be Nazi’s. It seems to me that IW is just greedy and lazy. Its probably much easier to make a new map then a new game mode. I am so pissed. PUT IT IN THE GAME IF EVERYONE WANTS IT.

  8. Caleb

    First I like the idea of a DC map and there should be zombies. You could hold of the White House from iraq zombies. If there is zombies then I think it will sell good. I would buy it on Xbl. If IW dosent then it people will play MW2 less later in the year. You need a lot of fun and addicting gameplay and people will play it even when there are new games out.

    • That Guy

      The bad guys in D.C. arent from Iraq. They are Russians. Therefore, they would be Russian zombies.

  9. Guest

    I would’ve died of laughter though if they had zombie terrorists in MW2, I’d pay $10 for something like that…


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