Game-maker Valve today expressed its discontent with the proliferation of shovelware citing “sh*tty party games” as the problem at hand with today’s motion-controlled market and said when Project Natal rolls out, gamers shouldn’t expect any gimmicky nonsense from the studio.

Valve’s Chet Faliszek said he doesn’t think mini-games need to exist anymore and noted the real excitement should lie within different ways to approach these new technologies, namely Microsoft’s motion-sensing tech, Project Natal.

“Hopefully we’ve gotten past the point of mini-games,” said Faliszek. “I’m sick of that [makes arm movement]. That’s not a game for me anymore. Let’s get some real interaction going. We have these technologies now that let us interact in different, really exciting ways. It’s developers’ jobs to do something with it. Impress me. Don’t just make sh*tty games I wouldn’t want to play if I had to use a joystick.”

Could we see a motion-enabled Left 4 Dead somewhere? Hell, that’d be cool, but I think Valve has a far grander scheme up its blood-encrusted sleeve.

Source: Destructoid

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