Despite its age, Zynga Games’ Farmville, the Facebook game we love to hate and hate to love, is nearing 80 million users and setting its eyes on total world domination.

New statistics from indicate that Farmville is “about to surpass” 80 million monthly unique users, which represents a 10 million user growth from December numbers.

The surge in popularity can likely be attributed to the growing Facebook popular (over 400 million) and the game’s recent Haiti relief in-game effort as well as its Valentine’s Day shebang.

Additionally, according to AllFacebook, of the 200 million that log in to Facebook every day, 15 percent play Farmville. Wow.

Source: AllFacebook via Destructoid

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  1. ariadne

    An addendum should have been added which mentioned the many FarmVille users which have been left in the lurch by Zynga for 9+ days. Many players are affected by an “out of sync with the server” error which interferes with game play. Zynga has so far publicly ignored the issue, offering no wide acknowledgment of the problem and not offering affected users even a small measure of restitution, such as turning off crop withering.

    This issue has been documented on Zynga’s own FarmVille forum:


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