We’re pretty sure GoldenEye64 will never come to the Xbox  Live Arcade, but its weapons and maps will.

When Perfect Dark releases on the Xbox Live Arcade next month, it’ll feature maps and weapons from the very beloved Nintendo 64 first-person-shooter.

This is my favorite game ever? Yes it is!

The original Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64 had maps Facility, Temple and Complex, as well as many weapons, featured in it as unlockable bonuses and so will next month’s revision.

So for GoldenEye 64 fans like myself, this is as close as we’re going to get. I’m happy, are you?

As for Perfect Dark XBLA, it’ll have 4 player split-screen multiplayer as well as 8 player online, on top of full-on 1080p visuals. *droool*

Source: Videogamer

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