As if the console wars weren’t already piping hot enough, Sony stirred it up a bit today saying the PS3 is better for publishers than the Xbox 360.

Rob Dyer, SCEA senior VP of publisher relations said the recent PS3 price drop has had a “huge impact” on Sony’s sales and that the company is now breathing down Microsoft’s neck.

“They had a year’s head start against us, so we’ve been playing catch-up ball,” he told Industry Gamers. “Before the price cut, they had a two-to-one advantage; if you were a third-party publisher looking at the index, you should have been selling twice the number of units on the 360 as you would on the PS3.

“What we’ve been finding is that outside of the shooter category we literally over-index every single category – sports, fighting, action/adventure, music, etc. We do better for our publishing community than 360 does.”

“So for instance, with a title like Madden, I think the index was 1.4 to 1.0, which meant we way oversold on PS3 versus 360, given the installed base. That’s only going to get better and better as the installed base continues to grow,” explained Dyer.

He says Sony will use this advantage to counter the exclusivity deals Microsoft often has with developers and that Microsoft has fewer significant in-house studios than Sony does.

“They have very few first-party studios at Microsoft. Bungie’s next Halo is the last one, Rare rarely puts out anything, you’ve got Peter Molyneux with his Fable stuff… but they don’t have first-party development studios inside at Redmond or anywhere for that matter,” said Dyer.

“We do. So rather than putting their money behind that, they’ve been going to Epic or Valve or BioWare to do what they did with Mass Effect, and that’s where they throw their dollars.”

Dyer ended on a strong note, proclaiming the Sony brand as a global brand that will pass Microsoft soon enough.

“Candidly, we’re not going to compete with Microsoft on that front, but what we have is a global business here. Our global business is bigger than 360’s and will continue to get bigger than 360, and people are seeing that. We passed them in Europe and they don’t even exist in Japan, and we’re going to catch them and pass them here in the U.S. as well.”

I understand why statements like this are made, and actually, I believe Sony, but I urge fans of one system or another to not blow this out of perspective.

Source: CVG

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  1. Mik

    Im a big PS3 supporter.. BUT… with more dominace comes more power… and if Sony get more power they wont be as competitive (like starting to charge people to use PSN). Hopefully they dont catch up for a while.

  2. Patrick

    The PS3 is nice. While I do have both the PS3 and the XBOX 360, and really want the PS3 to do well, I see that it just cannot beat the XBOX at its game quality right now. If the PS3 is really such a majically powerful machine, and is better for developers, then why in the world can they not get their games to run in as high a resolution as the XBOX. It is just a simple fact that if you take the same game on both consoles, the one on the XBOX will run at 1080p, and 9 times out of 10 the one on the PS3 will run at 720p. It cannot even run its games at 1080i for the poor people that have HDTVs that do not run 720p. In that case, all the games play at a piddly 480p, and a very bad looking 480p at that. Really, come on, the PS3 just is not as fast. It sure is supposed to be, but it is not. From what it looks like, project Natal is also looking better than the PS3 motion controller. I will always use my PS3, but I see no point in buying the same game for a system that does not run it as well. 3 out of every four games I buy are for the XBOX, because they do run better on it.

  3. not telling

    The last dude that responded to this is not that right, the 360 picture is just upscalled becasue if it would be true 1080p then the game would be bearly 5 minutes long since the copacity of the dvd is limited then on the ps3 so far as i know that the reason the picture is not 1080p on the PS3 is that becasue of 360 since most games came out on 360 and the picture on it is rendered 720 at max and upscaled to 1080p and developers take the same game and just copy it to PS3 and making a whole new copy for it. it all because of 360 that the picture is not better then 360 but still it is way better then the 360 and 360 will never be better then PS3. and also my games run without any problem on my PS3, thats why they run better is that you neglect the PS3 by having both of the consoles and 360 sucks with the pay so you can play online


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