Capcom today revealed its plans to bring Street Fighter IV to Apple portables the iPhone and iPod Touch in the form of a scaled down yet ambitious handheld project.

The game will use a programmable virtual fight stick (imaged below), character models from the console version will be appear in the portable game (though scaled down, obviously) and each character will have his or her own complete moveset.

The screenshot below shows off Ken and Ryu going at it and looking quite impressive doing so actually.

Portable Street Fighter? You betcha.

I’m definitely skeptical about Capcom’s ability to pull of fun and workable controls, and seeing this as more than a quick cash tie in, but hey, prove me wrong!

Source: IGN

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  1. Mike "Evorgleb" Belgrove

    When I covered this over at X-ism, I couldn’t even get exited about this. As much as I like Street Fighter, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why they would put so much effort into an iPhone version of the game while Wii, DS and PSP fans are left in the cold. The game might be impressive in what they can pull off as far as getting the game squeezed onto the small iPhone platform but who really wants to play that crap?

  2. NookSurfer

    I can see it already…the quarters lining up on my office desk, close the doors, take a number…time to start up the office competition. Gives me something else to do on those long conference calls. =)


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